Thursday, September 21, 2017

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17 Sep 2017

Firm(s) on FITNESS track

17 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

When Bollywood''s latest poster boy for a toned body, Vidyut Jamwal bares his biceps and shares his fitness tips in online e-tailer Jabong''s work space with a bunch of enthusiastic employees, it is much more than a publicity gimmick.

Jewels in the high mountain

17 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

Ladakh — the land of high passes — is often called the ‘Cold Desert’ for the lack of vegetation as the region lies above the monsoon clouds, which feed India’s agricultural fields.


17 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

27 Aug 2017

Shape of faith

27 Aug 2017 | 1:58 AM

Autumn in Bengal is special. A suppressed excitement pervades the air as the blue sky and cotton-wool clouds remind that monsoon is almost over.

A cradle for political leaders

27 Aug 2017 | 1:58 AM

Kanhaiya Kumar was like any other student leader who usually dot most Indian campuses looking for their 15 minutes under the sun.

30 Jul 2017

The script of love and lyrics

30 Jul 2017 | 2:15 AM

When poet Jaleel Manakpuri was being felicitated by an organiser who was not familiar with the nuances of Urdu, a friend sitting next to the poet said, “Jaleel sahab, aaj aap zaleel hone wale hain.” (Jaleel sahib, today you are going to be humiliated).

A poet of pain

30 Jul 2017 | 2:15 AM

When one thinks of Sector 22 in Chandigarh, one thinks of Kiran Cinema, rehri market, street vendors, and the paucity of parking space.

Ode to a legend

30 Jul 2017 | 2:15 AM

Standing in front of the Rafi Mansion in Bandra, Mumbai, I could not resist the temptation of having a glimpse of the small private museum dedicated to Mohammad Rafi.

“Only one Ranga Shankara isn’t enough”

30 Jul 2017 | 2:15 AM

“Theatre in India is starved of affordable, practical and professionally managed venues. One of the only two other good theatres I know is Ranga Shankara in Bengaluru”, says Kunal Kapoor, who has been successfully running the iconic Prithvi Theatre of Mumbai.