Wednesday, August 23, 2017

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  • Schools and colleges in Punjab to remain closed on August 25 in view of the Dera verdict
  • UT Admn orders closure of all educational institutions in Chandigarh on Aug 24, 25.
22 Aug 2017

In old shawl, scent of mother

Sumitra Dabas22 Aug 2017 | 12:47 AM

IT was 1990. My husband was posted at Jadan Wali Gali in Jammu and Kashmir, not far from the LoC. It was a non-family Army station.

21 Aug 2017

Be thankful, say thank you

Aadi Vaidya21 Aug 2017 | 12:23 AM

I WAS born and raised in mid-Himalayas with hills around me, ranging between 1,000-3,000 metres.

19 Aug 2017

Fiddling with the Constitution

Ratna Raman19 Aug 2017 | 12:31 AM

AS school-going children, we were routinely instructed to stop fiddling and sit at our desks quietly.

18 Aug 2017

The cross of debt

Satyawan Malik18 Aug 2017 | 12:23 AM

NOTHING irked my father as much as smoking, lies and unscrupulous loans. A headmaster in the 1970s, he would quote Pt Lakhmi Chand’s verse: ‘Le ke dede kar ke khale, us tae kon jabbar ho se; Nugra manas aankh badal ja, samajhdar ki maer ho se’ (If you work hard and honestly pay back what you borrow from others, no one can be stronger than you.

17 Aug 2017

It keeps us going

Beant Singh17 Aug 2017 | 1:01 AM

IN June 1984, when the Army laid siege to the Golden Temple in particular and Punjab in general, I was appearing in the last semester examination for MA (English) at the Institute of Advanced Studies on the Meerut University campus.

15 Aug 2017

Partition and train-based saviour

Lt-Gen K J Singh (retd)15 Aug 2017 | 12:14 AM

While leaving India, the British left behind two Armies with Command HQs at Rawalpindi, Pune and Lucknow.

14 Aug 2017

The cycle with a big carrier

Charanjit Nohra14 Aug 2017 | 12:43 AM

IN my childhood memories I never forget my father''s bicycle. My father used that bicycle for carrying different burdens or weights of his life. As he was not a full-time employee of any organisation or department, he struggled to make both ends meet.

12 Aug 2017

Why we remain tense

Ratna Raman12 Aug 2017 | 12:28 AM

Tenses’ in grammar, rhyme with ‘lenses,’ and just as appropriate lenses correct faulty vision, the correct use of tenses enables us to position ourselves well in the framework of life.

11 Aug 2017

‘Jiyo Parsi Abhiyan’

Col IPS Kohli (retd)11 Aug 2017 | 12:11 AM

It is raining abhiyans in India and while the likes of ''Swachh Bharat'' and other pan-India programmes are well known, an ''abhiyan'' that is lesser known in this part of the country is the ''Jiyo Parsi Abhiyan''.

10 Aug 2017

Call of the mountains

Suniti Kharbanda10 Aug 2017 | 12:47 AM

Even if I am no longer in the category of runners, at least my thoughts are still capable of it.

09 Aug 2017

Art of comfortable living

Narinder Arora09 Aug 2017 | 12:45 AM

Life is a continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.

08 Aug 2017

No more wars, please

Suman Kochhar08 Aug 2017 | 12:25 AM

Hearing drawing room discussions about the border situation I am often reminded of my childhood days when I was a witness to two major Indo-Pakistan wars of 1965 and 1971.

07 Aug 2017

The day of the ‘nodder’

Vivek Atray07 Aug 2017 | 12:19 AM

PG Wodehouse was always ahead of his time. And when he introduced the breed of ''nodders'' in a classic short story based on Hollywood''s goings-on in the 1920s, he broke the mould.

05 Aug 2017

Loosen up to lose weight

Ratna Raman05 Aug 2017 | 12:43 AM

It is increasingly true that urban Indians with long work hours and less time to fix themselves wholesome meals are “piling on the pounds” (putting on weight) by consuming foods full of unhealthy oils, sugars and processed flour.

04 Aug 2017

Being human — and mortal

Mannat Chugh04 Aug 2017 | 12:26 AM

I witnessed a cremation for the first time in my life only a few weeks ago.

03 Aug 2017

A degree for matrimony

Poonamjot Sidhu03 Aug 2017 | 12:32 AM

LIKE most people, I still remember and cherish my graduation days. Every day that you spend on your university campus, away from home and family, teaches you something. One incident that I particularly remember is from my third professional, where I was luckily able to impress a senior resident prosthodontist with my clinical skills.

02 Aug 2017

The mulberry stick

R.S.Dalal02 Aug 2017 | 12:41 AM

Master Bodh Raj was a much feared but highly respected teacher in the town.

01 Aug 2017

A pretty old car named happiness

Priyanka Singh01 Aug 2017 | 12:16 AM

Many, many years have come and gone; the years have been kind.

31 Jul 2017

Pet peeve no more

Rana Preet Gill31 Jul 2017 | 12:58 AM

IN the year 2006, jobs were advertised for veterinary officers after a long period and an arduous struggle by veterinary fraternity.

29 Jul 2017

No more excuses ji

Ratna Raman29 Jul 2017 | 12:37 AM

LANGUAGE is fluid, rather like moving traffic on the road.

28 Jul 2017

Memories of another time

Maj Gen Raj Mehta (retd)28 Jul 2017 | 12:56 AM

POSTED from the salubrious Defence Services Staff College to a Rashtriya Rifles sector in Doda district as Deputy Commander in 1997, we had just relocated the sector HQ on a rocky ledge overlooking the fast flowing Chenab at Suigwar, just outside the troublesome city.

27 Jul 2017

Lesson from the lockup

Satish K Sharma27 Jul 2017 | 12:31 AM

ADVOCATE Mehta (name changed) entered my office, his bright white shirt fighting shy of the shadows of the previous night — the one he had spent in police lockup.

26 Jul 2017

Amanat for a hundred years

PC Sharma26 Jul 2017 | 12:25 AM

IN his nineties and standing ramrod straight at 6 ft is Balwant Singh, a veteran soldier of World War II.

25 Jul 2017

A big world in a shell

Siddharth Oswal25 Jul 2017 | 12:06 AM

I WOKE up to the alarm at the break of dawn and after freshening up, dragged myself to the gym, half a kilometre away from my place.

24 Jul 2017

Lost and found in translation

Lt Gen KJ Singh (retd)24 Jul 2017 | 12:59 AM

WITH the installation of Mulayam Singh Yadav as the new RM, there was a flurry of activity in South Block. The policy section of the Military Secretary’s (MS) branch had the onerous responsibility of briefing the new RM on HRD-related issues.

22 Jul 2017

The scrunching of language

Ratna Raman22 Jul 2017 | 12:35 AM

WILLIAM Butler Yeats (1865-1939) described Keats as a schoolboy with ‘face and nose pressed to a sweet-shop window’.

21 Jul 2017

Claim & honour go together

Lt Gen RS Sujlana (retd)21 Jul 2017 | 1:04 AM

ADHERING to the adage of ‘Tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire’, an age-old policy termed ‘Parental Claim’ exists in the Indian Army.

20 Jul 2017

After storm, wisdom dawns

Maxwell Pereira20 Jul 2017 | 12:50 AM

SO, you are finally back to India, with all the time for trivial exposure for all around.

19 Jul 2017

Main Jasdev Singh bol raha hoon...

Sandeep Sinha19 Jul 2017 | 12:28 AM

SPORTS lovers are known to be as passionate about the commentators of the game as they are about the players.

18 Jul 2017

‘One’ can make a difference

Parambir Kaur18 Jul 2017 | 12:13 AM

THE worsening condition of environment, the fast depleting natural resources and ongoing talks about these gets overwhelming sometimes.

17 Jul 2017

One search, many finds

Upant Sharma17 Jul 2017 | 12:10 AM

TWO decades ago, we had a butler named Dunichand at our home in Himachal, spinning across rooms offering his indefatigable services to our family.

14 Jul 2017

A rotten apple & some happiness

Shantnu Tandon14 Jul 2017 | 12:52 AM

I WAS in Lucknow and India was in the midst of historic demonetisation.

13 Jul 2017

Hell twice over

Gursharan Singh13 Jul 2017 | 12:54 AM

THE news that about 134 candidates have applied for the position of VC at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, and Punjabi University, Patiala, was amusing.

12 Jul 2017

Long for Kashmiriyat to return

KL Noatay12 Jul 2017 | 12:14 AM

RECENTLY a bus of Amarnath yatris was involved in a cooking gas cylinder blast near Anantnag.

11 Jul 2017

Burden of a favour

KR Bharti11 Jul 2017 | 12:43 AM

ONE day I happened to meet on the Mall a former colleague who had just retired from the service and found him in a cheerful mood.

10 Jul 2017

An umbrella of emotions

Yuvika Grewal10 Jul 2017 | 12:44 AM

THE fine-point pen and the drab leather-bound diary that sits on the gold upholstered stool in the bedroom; the purple-flowered ceramic cup and the saucer lined on the edges with two green curling leaves, lying on the counter-top of the open kitchen; the tooth brush and the paste cocking their necks out of a red metal case fastened by two nails on the washroom wall; the foldable chair and table that rest folded against the outside wall of the single-storeyed house; or the pets Bru and Coco — almost everything here has someone to call its own. All live in pairs. Sets of two.

08 Jul 2017

Charades the elite play

Ratna Raman08 Jul 2017 | 12:28 AM

THE noun ‘charade’ refers to any pretence at projecting a pleasant front.

07 Jul 2017

Turban here to stay

Manavjit Mann Kang07 Jul 2017 | 12:41 AM

IWAS born into a Jat Sikh family and a proud one at that.

06 Jul 2017

Maharaj shows the way

Sarvjit Singh06 Jul 2017 | 12:53 AM

MAHARAJ, our cook, has been the ruler of our kitchen for over 14 years.

05 Jul 2017

A feast at Andretta

Vikramdeep Johal05 Jul 2017 | 12:36 AM

CAN we get something to eat here?” This was our point-blank query when we reached the Sobha Singh art gallery and museum at Andretta.

04 Jul 2017

Pushing home stretch

Col PS Sangha (Retd )04 Jul 2017 | 12:20 AM

HOME stretch’ is a term used to describe the last portion of a race.

03 Jul 2017

Holy moly, turban’s gone!

Billa Brar03 Jul 2017 | 12:43 AM

TURBAN has been in the news for the right and wrong reasons. A turbaned girl finds a seat in the Supreme Court of Canada. Back home, our esteemed elected representatives, have been tossing their ‘Sikhi nishani’ to and fro; indulging in a vigorous sling match, right in the middle of the law-making legislative Assembly.

01 Jul 2017

Get caught in the rain

Ratna Raman01 Jul 2017 | 12:37 AM

I GREW up listening to the song ‘Don’t go out into the rain, Sugar, you’re gonna melt’, sung persuasively by Herman’s Hermits (1967).

30 Jun 2017

A question to Captain saheb

Ankush Mahajan30 Jun 2017 | 12:03 AM

SO tell me where shall I go, to the right where nothing is left or to the left where nothing is right?’ The question is disturbing because life is full of dilemma.

29 Jun 2017

Strange case of ‘Goyee’

Raj Kadyan29 Jun 2017 | 12:34 AM

DRIVING back from a veterans’ gathering, my wife suddenly asked about ‘Goyee’.

28 Jun 2017

My good morning friend

Poonam Singh28 Jun 2017 | 12:31 AM

As I stand on the fringe of the tiny veranda almost flushing the last step of stairs, in the imprints of the leftover oil on the sidewall pavement, I can see a plate with a tumbler of sugar-free tea with bits of Marie biscuits or remains of achar, resting after a delightful consumption whenever I was trying to rush to the hospital and there was a good morning exchange with my octogenarian friend (I am sure he would not accept being called even a senior citizen considering his alertness and perfect cognition).