Thursday, September 21, 2017

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17 Sep 2017

Collector’s item, Made in China

17 Sep 2017 | 1:23 AM

I have neither the competence, nor the intention, to write on the complex subject of India-China relations here, current interest in the Doklam imbroglio notwithstanding.

What’s on a wanderer’s canvas?

17 Sep 2017 | 1:23 AM

Born in Bhubaneshwar and based in suburban Gurgaon, artist and sculptor Jagannath Panda’s work straddles the twin worlds with unique efficacy.

10 Sep 2017

Akhara murals gasp for a breath of air

10 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

The art of mural painting became a popular mode of embellishment in the first quarter of the 19th century; and Amritsar, historically known as Ramdaspur, formed the nucleus of this activity.

Madhubani gets a modern twist

10 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

The pair of wooden kharau superimposed on hordes of oppressed peasants pique interest for it is done in the Madhubani style of painting.

‘Take thumri to schools’

10 Sep 2017 | 1:23 AM

The melodic blend of Hindustani semi-classical music with traits of folk literature, thumri is among the most eloquent traditions of Indian music.

Fear factors

10 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

According to World Health Organisation, one in four children in the age group of 13-15 years suffers from depression in India.

The game of death

10 Sep 2017 | 1:24 AM

“You can enter it, but cannot exit the game,” wrote young Vighnesh in his suicide note.

Little Picasso, big deeds

10 Sep 2017 | 1:23 AM

A 10-year-old refugee, who has attracted global attention and the nickname of “the little Picasso” for his artistic talent, had his first exhibition — and donated the money raised at the event to a sick Serbian boy.

03 Sep 2017

Architects & fantasies

03 Sep 2017 | 1:55 AM

A long time back, when in the U.S., I had picked up a copy of a book the sheer title of which attracted me. Fantastic Architecture it was named, with the sub-title: Personal and Eccentric Visions.

27 Aug 2017

Notes to myself

27 Aug 2017 | 1:58 AM

I am important. Before you dismiss this statement as that of a megalomaniac, listen to what poet, singer, sculptor and, above all, a painter, Delhi-based Punjabi artist Siddharth has to add.

For souls on the move

27 Aug 2017 | 1:58 AM

As one makes way through a heaving mass of humanity at the metro station every peak hour to the matrix of platforms, the cityscape in all its drudgery and mundaneness looms large.

20 Aug 2017

Colour calculus

20 Aug 2017 | 12:35 AM

“Colour is the place where our brain and the Universe meet….Colour has got me; I no longer need to chase after it. It has got me for ever.” — Paul Klee

A travel back in time

20 Aug 2017 | 12:35 AM

Shailesh BR’s work is perhaps the most unconventional and unexpected that you may have seen amongst contemporary artists in the recent times, and that is what makes it all the more engaging and awe inspiring.

06 Aug 2017

Notes that bridge the gap

06 Aug 2017 | 2:22 AM

Shubha Mudgal knows the new generation speaks a different language. She knows attending classical music concerts is a thing of the past for them. But, who said Hindustani can’t go to the youth? To reach out to them, Shubha is talking to them in their language. That of apps, streaming, etc.

Public art in private hands

06 Aug 2017 | 2:22 AM

Illicit antiquities are once again in the headlines. US retailer Hobby Lobby was recently fined $3m ( Rs 19.22 cr) for illegally acquiring antiquities that were most likely looted from Iraq.

Sentinels of Singapore

06 Aug 2017 | 2:22 AM

In the heart of Singapore lies Bukit Brown, a cemetery home to more than one lakh Chinese graves. The area is overgrown, and at first glance, it looks like any old Chinese cemetery with its horseshoe-shaped graves, elaborate funerary paraphernalia and tomb guards. Look again, and you will notice that statues of Sikhs stand guard at some of the tombs!

Waiting to exhale

06 Aug 2017 | 2:22 AM

The Tricolour. That’s the first sight that awaits a visitor stepping out of the Srinagar airport. Riding high on a tall mast on the airport lawns, it somewhat dwarfs the images of the green and black flags raised at pro-freedom protests.

30 Jul 2017

Daumier and the truth, rough and biting

30 Jul 2017 | 2:14 AM

The use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticise people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

The right over unfinished work

30 Jul 2017 | 2:14 AM

Edward Albee died last year. But the renowned playwright is making one last request from the great beyond. Albee wants two of his friends to destroy any incomplete manuscripts he left behind.