Tuesday, March 28, 2017

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26 Mar 2017

Back Flap

26 Mar 2017 | 2:17 AM

Daniell Comes to Judgment: New and Vintage Daruwalla is a collection of short stories by Keki N. Daruwalla, the acclaimed poet-cum-novelist of our time.

Living a ‘writerly’ life at Hald

26 Mar 2017 | 2:17 AM

What does a bunch of authors do when thrown together for weeks? They write, talk, laugh, argue, cook, eat and drink. They endlessly discuss books, the craft of writing and nervously inquire how much the others are writing.

The fall of Second Naxalbari

26 Mar 2017 | 2:17 AM

This May will mark 50 years of the Naxalite movement. From losing ground in old bastions to spreading to new areas, from becoming “the gravest internal security threat” to shrinking back to hilly forest terrain, the last decade has been quite dramatic for the armed Left movement.

History: As told by new storytellers

26 Mar 2017 | 2:17 AM

There are five points about this book that need to be mentioned at the outset: one, it is very easy to read and fun at that; two, it provides a lot of detail about the lives of two important officials of the Mughal court; three, it provides much interesting information about coeval literature; four, there is a lot of thick description about the educational, social and intellectual concerns of the nobility of Mughal times; finally, the book is very well produced.

Destiny’s child

26 Mar 2017 | 2:17 AM

This is the real story of a man who became a hero in the make-believe world of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).