Thursday, April 26, 2018

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22 Apr 2018

The Cannes platter

22 Apr 2018 | 1:26 AM

T HE line-up for the 71st Cannes Film Festival has been announced. Asgar Farhadi’s Spanish drama Everybody Knows will open the festival on May 8. Here’s the line-up:

Beyond the trailer

22 Apr 2018 | 1:26 AM

Sarah Deming’s lawsuit against the distributors of Drive (2011) read “bore very little similarity to a chase, or race action film”. The trailer made the promise of a conventional Hollywood chase action film but Drive, the film, is a brilliant portrayal of a situation where a stunt driver finds himself in a failed heist.

Into the mind of a terrorist

22 Apr 2018 | 1:26 AM

National Award-winning actor Rajkummar Rao is in a space to vie and die for. Playing an ominous character in Hansal Mehta’s Omerta, he once again picks up laurels for portrayal of a dreaded terrorist.

15 Apr 2018

Poker Princess

15 Apr 2018 | 1:54 AM

Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut, Molly’s Game is the life story of a young woman who ran world’s most exclusive high-stake poker games in Los Angeles and New York City for nearly a decade in mid-2000 before she gets arrested by the FBI.

Debuting high on love

15 Apr 2018 | 1:54 AM

Love makes the world go round. In Bollywood, of course, it is a universe by itself. Boy meets girl in a picture perfect setting; they romance, run around trees, these days in exotic foreign and local locales, and sing songs till eternity.

08 Apr 2018

A mosaic of experiences

08 Apr 2018 | 2:17 AM

In debutant director Arjun Mukherjee’s 3 Storeys, three stories are held together by a common character, an elderly Christian woman (played by Renuka Shahane).

‘I try to play a human being’

08 Apr 2018 | 2:17 AM

As Raid is growing from strength to strength at the boxoffice, one viewpoint that is gaining ground is: Saurabh Shukla is the real hero of the film.

01 Apr 2018

On the floor, take two, take three

01 Apr 2018 | 12:40 AM

The makers of Punjabi film Laavaan Phere, starring Roshan Prince, Rubina Bajwa, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol and Harby Sangha, announced the sequel of the film within a week of its release.

New masters of trade

01 Apr 2018 | 12:40 AM

There have been many films on sex workers and red light areas. But Tikli and Laxmi Bomb comes with a different storyline.

25 Mar 2018

Lessons on big screen

25 Mar 2018 | 1:08 AM

If you are in India, you cannot escape the examination fever, which is in full swing right now. The mass hysteria around annual and competitive exams is something that will surely find its way to your living room.

First studio teen film goes gay

25 Mar 2018 | 1:08 AM

Love, Simon is the first mainstream teen romantic comedy to feature a gay lead character.

An ode to memory

25 Mar 2018 | 1:08 AM

Jahnu Barua is one of the most outstanding filmmakers from Assam. His new short film That Gusty Morning was part of MIFF 2018 this year.

18 Mar 2018

The unstoppable Royal

18 Mar 2018 | 1:01 AM

You’ve probably heard her inimitable voice in songs like “Love You Zindagi” from Dear Zindagi and “Din Shagna Da” in Phillauri.

Creating a fair space

18 Mar 2018 | 1:01 AM

3Seconds Divorce is a 52-minute documentary made by Canada-based Shazia Javed, who came to India to make this film on a subject that is very close to her heart.

Images of a time from Portugal

18 Mar 2018 | 1:01 AM

The Portuguese influence in the Goan way of life stares from every nook and cranny of the region — be it the architecture, cuisine, or even socio-cultural influences.

11 Mar 2018

Love in the time of streaming

11 Mar 2018 | 2:16 AM

How do you make a love story stand out in a world where attention spans are decreasing and where megabytes are increasing? Take a city like Mumbai and put in it two young and ambitious souls, who live with their parents.

Notes from an unread chapter

11 Mar 2018 | 2:16 AM

The theme of militancy in Punjab has been explored by many filmmakers. Many films have been made on the subject but Raghbir Singh Toor’s short film Two Brothers (Do Bhara in Punjabi) offers a fresh perspective on the turbulent years.

A fighting chance at life

11 Mar 2018 | 2:16 AM

Click on any search engine for Jeeja Ghosh, and the internet will open several windows for you. The awe-inspiring life of Jeeja, her struggles and triumphs have been captured in a documentary I Am Jeeja by Swati Chakraborty.

04 Mar 2018

The brightest of them all

04 Mar 2018 | 2:17 AM

Sridevi was a resplendent roop ki rani who spread chandni every minute she was on the silver screen. As an astoundingly versatile actress, she had fans across the country eating out of her palm through the 1980s and 1990s. But down South, Sridevi’s reign as a trailblazer began nearly two decades earlier.

When heroines call the shots

04 Mar 2018 | 2:17 AM

IT’s an industry conventionally ruled by men. Gender pay parity is like a chimera no one even cares to chase. #MeToo movement can only be discussed in hushed whispers or in context of long-distance Hollywood.