Friday, November 24, 2017

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12 Nov 2017

A toy story

12 Nov 2017 | 2:44 AM

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently tweeted a photograph of the one-and-a-half-year old prince Gyalsey of Bhutan playing with Channapatna toys. The wooden toys from Channapatna were also in news when these were showcased at the London Design Fair this year.

A prince’s journey in faith

12 Nov 2017 | 2:44 AM

The 91m-high hillock caught our eye. We were just 46 km from Bhopal retracing the journey done by Prince Ashoka, a millennia ago.

05 Nov 2017

A cultural cauldron

05 Nov 2017 | 2:02 AM

Nagaland hangs in mind like a dream. With all its history of cordite and crackle of gun, Nagaland is a compelling place, a melting pot of 16 tribes and numerous sub-tribes, hiding the world of animism: head heading; feathered and beaded warriors with warrior mettle; in their sleek jeans and chic hairstyles.

29 Oct 2017

Fish, food and fun at Pike Place

29 Oct 2017 | 1:27 AM

Shopping and eating excites almost everyone. But, surely this exhilaration must be reaching its zenith in some particular markets of the world because of their age-old traditions. Seattle’s Pike Place Market is certainly one of them. Since it first started on August 17, 1907, the market zealously continues with its golden tradition of ‘meet-the-producer’.

At the centre of earth

29 Oct 2017 | 1:27 AM

The hypothetical line that bisects the earth roughly into two equal halves — Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere — the Equator (equatorial line) has held fascination for mankind since time immemorial.

22 Oct 2017

Colours of equality

22 Oct 2017 | 2:09 AM

Within the first five minutes of a walk through the cobbled streets of the Bo Kaap area in Cape Town in South Africa, it becomes clear as to why this place is one of the most photographed neighbourhoods in the city.

Revisiting the Berlin Wall

22 Oct 2017 | 2:09 AM

A flower with red petals. A paisley in neon. A woman jumping with joy. A man in red turtleneck and blue jeans. A mushroom with polka dots.

15 Oct 2017

A slice of Europe in Kerala

15 Oct 2017 | 2:44 AM

Fort Cochin in Kochi is as old as colonial history yet the city remains relevant even today. As we walked down its quiet avenues, identifying the historic colonial houses, external stairways led to the airy residences of former Portuguese dwellings with their secure slaves’ quarters below.

08 Oct 2017

From the land of Babur

08 Oct 2017 | 12:03 AM

Not many travellers would fancy Uzbekistan as a travel destination but this Central Asian land of vast Steppes and the Great Silk Road holds many a treasure.

In harmony with heritage

08 Oct 2017 | 12:03 AM

If you are a lover of heritage and cultural tourism, Bath, located nearly 100 miles from London, is a place you must have on your bucket list.

01 Oct 2017

The raw and the untamed beckons

01 Oct 2017 | 12:09 AM

Uganda was once described as “the Pearl of Africa” by Winston Churchill. A country, which has long been in turmoil, is slowly on the path to recovery. National parks form an inherent part of its economy and survival. Home to mountain gorillas, it has some of the best safari destinations in Africa.

Waltzing in the City of Music

01 Oct 2017 | 12:09 AM

If you have seen the multi-award winning film The Sound of Music, then visiting Salzburg will give you a sense of déjà vu.