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Brides Wanted

Published on: Jan 6, 2019, 6:43 AM

  • Match for Sikh Kashyap Rajput boy August 1990, 5'-11", M.Tech. Engineer working in Holland, good package. Family settled Chandigarh, Boy currently in Chandigarh for 3 weeks on vocation. Preferred B.Tech., M.Tech, Marketing, HR/M.Com., MBA or related. 98888-39615, 78892-17010. C8-72285
  • Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR Hindu Arora Manglik boy Engineer Feb. 1985/5'-7", working in Canadian MNC. In Canada since Dec. 2016, preference for girl PR, on work permit or student visa. 98157-88552, A8-66800-OL
  • Seeking M.Sc./B.Ed. beautiful girl for handsome Kaundal (Sharma) boy from reputed family. Age 30, Height 5'-7". B.Tech. Running School and Other business in Una District. Contact 78885-28160. C8-71969
  • Match for Gaur Brahmin Non-Manglik boy B.Tech., MBA, working MNC, 11.4.88, 5'-6", 6.40 p.m., Mumbai, Package 12 lakh. Preferred B.Tech., MBA, MCA, M.Tech., working beautiful girl. Preferred Ambala, Chandigarh, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar. Mobile 99206-92548, 94667- 16004. Email: C8-72221
  • Match for permanent Commissioned Officer (Pilot) Indian Navy, 5'-10", 27.12.1987, 11:38 a.m., Chandigarh. Upper caste no bar. 98961-20969. C8- 72797
  • Match for handsome Arora boy, B.Tech., 5'-7", December 1990, Working in IT sector at Bengaluru. C8-71550B
  • Suitable match for Arora boy, 29/5'-11", B.Com, MBA. Working High Court, Family well settled Mohali. Govt. service girl preferred. 80541-71281. C8-72281
  • Equivalent match for Ramdassia Sikh boy, 29 years/ 5'- 7", B.Tech. CSE, MBA Marketing, working at Bangalore in MNC, submitted file for PR of Canada. Father Gazetted Officer in PWD. Contact 95010-60010. C8-71737
  • Well qualified girl for Handsome Sikh Army Captain 27 years, 5'-11". Parents settled in Chandigarh. 82648- 63379, 94176-81083. C8-72743
  • Jat Sikh handsome 37/6'-3" born and raised in USA, well-established in California, issueless divorcee, looking for tall, beautiful and well qualified bride, send recent photos to email: C8-59347
  • Well-established, Affluent, Ludhiana-based, Jatsikh Doctor family seeks beautiful medico match doing residency/fellowship in US, for their only son, Aug 1988 born, 6 ft. handsome, clean-shaven, in final year Internal Medicine residency, starting fellowship in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine July 2019, Boy and parents US permanent residents, currently in New York City. Please contact with biodata and pics of girl at email: or US Cell/WhatsApp: 559-367- 6710 C8-68649
  • Seeking a match for Jat Sikh handsome cultured 39 years 5'-11", never married well settled in USA running his own transport business well versed in both eastern and western cultures has wonderful attributes to his personality, belongs to a business family with landed and urban property and excellent family values. Boy is presently in India. E-mail: Contact: 7347587704. C8-70127B
  • Handsome Jat Sikh boy 26½, 5'-11", MBA (Finance), working in MNC Bangaluru, good package, U/R property, well educated serving parents, living in Ldh. (Pb.). Seeks equally qualified serving girl from status family. Email Id: C8-70734
  • We seek a beautiful, educated Jatt Sikh girl for our Australian born and educated Jatt Sikh son who is 28 years old and 6 feet 2 inches tall. Our son has completed his double Degree in Accounting and Law and is currently working as a Lawyer in Sydney. If interested, please send recent photographs and bio-data to C8-71000
  • We are looking for a Jatt Sikh girl (minimum height 5'- 5" tall) for our handsome son born and raised in Australia. He is Jatt Sikh, 33 years old, 5'-11" tall and has completed his CA and Masters in Law. He is currently working full time as a Senior Manager (Lawyer) on a very good package in a large MNC. He has a very good blend of both Punjabi and Australian cultural values. If interested, please send bio-data and photos to C8-71002
  • Wanted M.Sc./Ph.D. match for turbaned, teetotaller Jat Sikh boy, July 1993/5'-11", pursuing Ph.D. in Mathematics at Simon Fraser University, Canada. He has done B.Tech in Engineering Physics from IIT Delhi and M.S. in Maths from IISER Mohali and belongs to a well- settled family. Contact with biodata at 82647-82575 or C8-71424
  • Match for 86 born, 5'-10", Jatt Sikh boy, B.Tech. and M.Tech. (CSE) from NIT Jalandhar. Lecturer in Central Govt. (Kendriya Vidyalaya). Brother Australian citizen, father retired Defence Officer. Preferred Govt. employee. Caste no bar. 62848-88599. C8-71600
  • PQM4 handsome Jat Sikh 6'/1991 from status family, M.Tech and diploma in Information Network and Administration from Canada. Now on work permit in Toronto. Call or Whatsapp: 98772-16748. C8-71729
  • NRI / having 6.5/7 bands tall, beautiful match for Jat Sikh (Bachhal) boy, 1985, 5'-9", Graduate, 12 Acre land (around Mohali). 9780930600. C8-71765B
  • PQM for handsome well settled Jatt Sikh boy, 1988, 5'- 10", Senior Pilot in private airline. Father retired Senior Officer. Contact: 9530900250, C8-72313
  • SM Jatt Sandhu turbaned 31/5'-11", B.Tech., PGDCA, M.Tech., Asstt. Prof. in Pvt. College, father retd. Govt. service, younger brother Software Engineer in Australia, Tarn Taran, Asr. 96461-19121. C8-72549
  • Suitable match for Canadian citizen Jat Sikh boy Aug. 83 born, 5'-8". All education from Canada. In Canada for over 18 years. Management job with BC Government. BBA, MBA, Diploma Engineering. Coming to India in Feb. Landlord family from Mohali area. WhatsApp 0012503093745. C8-72721
  • Seeking beautiful, educated, with strong family values girl, preferably a US citizen or PR, for a tall (6'- 0"), handsome, family oriented and educated Jatt Sikh boy, 29 years old, has completed Bachelor's in Business Administration from USA and has his own Logistics company in Fremont. Family is well-settled in US and Canada and have strong land holdings in India. Father retired as Class One Gazetted Officer. Call +1 6472918049. C8-72777
  • Canada PR Sikh Saini boy, 28/5'-9", IBM study in Canada. Seeks match from Canada/India. 97795-82616. C8-71957B
  • Never married well settled Canadian citizen hindu saini boy, Nov. 1973, 5'-6", B.Sc, Hotel Management. Qualified girl preferred. 94173-75395, C8-72627
  • NRI Saini Sikh boy, 28/6', Masters ECE from Canadian University. PR Canada. Contact: 98143-07217, 83608- 56226. C8-72631
  • Canadian citizen Nai Sikh boy, 27/5'-7". Seeks beautiful, educated girl. Send biodata, picture. E- mail: 9569790170. C8-71612 
  • Suitable match for Khatri Australia settled boy, 23 May 1988, 3.38 pm, Chandigarh, 5'-8", PR applied. Preferred Indian girl living in Australia. Contact: 9988480520, 7696335333. C8-71761
  •  SM4 smart Ramdasia Sikh weaver cleanshaven boy, Oct.1989, 5'-9", B.Tech ECE from India, MBA from USA, working top MNC (USA) on H1B visa; seeks tall, fair, professionally qualified girl. Send BHP. Whatsapp: 9988966052. C8-71813B
  • Match for Canadian citizen Arora Sikh boy, 35/5'-9", Working in IT. Contact: 001-9057551244, Email: C8-71871
  • Jat-Sikh parents seeks beautiful educated professionally qualified homely girl for their handsome, well built, 26 yr. , Canadian citizen son, 5'-10", well educated, owns a high earning optical business in Brampton, caste no bar. Father visiting India in Jan. Send biodata with recent photo 97794-02080 C8-71909 
  • Suitable match for handsome Ramgarhia boy, 5'-9", Nov. 1988, Graduate, diploma in computer. PR Canada. Upper caste welcome. Call or Whatsapp: +1778-928-3115, 98766- 45566. C8-71935
  • Clean shaven Sikh boy 30/5'-7", B.Tech, MS, UK hold Senior position in Europe (PR), Even Canada PR also under process. Genious business oriented boy seeking equal qualified girl, educated business family preferred. Hindu/Sikh working Chandigarh based status family. Caste/Religion no bar. Girls biodata alongwith picture must send to C8-72503
  • Wanted a beautiful sincere religious vegetarian, professionally qualified girl from reputed Aggarwal family for Goyal non-Manglik, pure vegetarian teetotaller boy 21.12.1984, Maur Mandi, Bathinda 4.00 p.m, 5'-4", B.Tech. Mechancial from MIT Auckland, doing further study in Auckland University, Newzealand PR, job MNC (Mech. Engineer) Income: $52000 annual. Father businessman. Mother Housewife. Younger brother Newzealand. Residence Bathinda City, Punjab. Agriculture lands, shops, own house, car. +9194170- 22873, +64210637463. C8-72735
  • Match for India or abroad for Sikh Khatri handsome, June 84, 5'-8", well-settled Pilot in Canadian Airlines. Upper middle class educated family. 97805- 05532. NA8-61274
  • Jat boy, 5'-10", September 1990, BCA, Networking Solution, Masters Degree Canada, sister America. 98880- 27444. C8-72407
  • Seeking professionally qualified, beautiful, Khatri girl for handsome, clean shaven boy September 18, 1991, 5'-11", B.Tech. and Professional course in planning. Employed as Planning Manager in a reputed oil and gas Company in MiddleEast(Muscat, Oman). Looking for a girl who is willing to relocate to Oman. Visiting India for 2 weeks in February. Father also works in a reputed company in Oman. Please WhatsApp biodata on +9109780430955, +91 8360989976. Email: C8-72129
  • Match for Khatri handsome 6'-3", MBA, well-settled businessman 25.01.1986, Ludhiana, 2:21 pm. Own house. Upper caste no bar. Early marriage. Reqd. tall, beautiful, educated girl from decent family. 98884- 82747, 89689-88660. C8-72159
  • Professional qualified match for handsome 27 years, 5'- 11" B.Tech. & MBA qualified, Branch Manager in Pb. Contact: 94173-73125, 94634-63342. NA8-62073
  • SM4 Dec. 92/5'-11" handsome, turbaned boy, B.Tech. from PEC, working in Maruti company. Reputed business family. 98144-42015. C8-71711
  • Suitable match for 1989 born, 5'-11", clean shaven Ramgarhia Virdi/Kalsi boy, Working as Engineer Asstt. in Govt concern. Presently posted at Delhi. Working girl preferred. Contact 98889-38927. C8-72029
  • PQM for 17 November 1991, 8:40 p.m., Kapurthala, B.Tech., MBA, Tonk-kashtriya boy, working Manager in Royal Bank of Canada. Likely to get PR in 2019. Mother retired Teacher. Father retired Senior Officer. Sister officer with Punjab Govt.. Preference already settled in Canada. Boy in India on leave. WhatsApp 97814-32277 with pics, biodata. C8-71635
  • Professional Qualified match for handsome Sikh khatri boy, 1988/ 5'-8". B.Tech (CS), Cutsurd, working Canada, PR applied, good package, Parents Govt retired. 98150- 42333, 98783-25868. C8-71691
  • Professionally qualified match for tall handsome Cut Sikh Khatri boy 33 years, 6'-0", B.Com , MBA (Finance). Owns Business. Chandigarh well settled high status business affluent family. Owns commerical/residential properties. Well settled, qualified, beautiful, tall girl preferred. Contact: 7087789999, 9878009009. Email - C8-72471
  • Manglik/Non-Manglik beautiful match for handsome Mittal boy 16.03.1990, 5'-8", 2:15 p.m., Yamunangar, B.Tech., MBA, (IIT Bombay), MNC Bangalore 16 LPA. Parents in Govt Teacher and younger brother Software Engineer. Mob: 094164-47394, 082952-20224 (Whats App) C8-71570
  • Suitable Manglik match for handsome, permanent Govt. employee boy, MBA, 29, 5'-10". Govt. employee preferred. Mob. 83606-19473. C8-72327
  • Match for Garg boy 5'-5", NM, B.Tech., MBA, 27.08.1986, 04:39 a.m. Chd., working MNC Gurgaon, 06 LPA. Haryana based family. WhatsApp: 99711-01441. C8-72537B
  • IAS, IPS, PCS, HCS, Doctor's (Only Post-Graduate) alliance invited for Brahmin boy, 1986 born, 5'-9", Eye Surgeon. Family of officers, settled in Panchkula. Early marriage. WhatsApp biodata and contact at: 98551- 21221. C8-72095