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Grooms Wanted

Published on: Dec 2, 2018, 12:02 AM

  • Saraswat Brahmin 08.12.85, 6:45 am, Amritsar, fair, 5'- 7", working. 99154-48677 (6:30 to 8:30 pm), shreeram_85@yahoo.com NA8-54875
  • Status match for 11.08.1991 born girl, 5'-2", LL.B.. Parents Advocates Chandigarh. Maternal uncle High Court Judge (Retd.). Cousins ADC and AD&SJ. 98882-79278. karanveerahuja@ymail.com C8-63836
  • Professionally qualified match for BE MBA Kamboj never married, beautiful girl, 5'-7", 40. Upper caste welcome. Email: k77lucky@gmail.com C8-63476
  • Professionally qualified Malwai Jat Sikh match for Malwai Jat Sikh girl, M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed., 20.03.1985/5'-6" slim, charming, beautiful, preparing for TET exam. Please email biodata and clear photograph to singh.harnam@gmail.com Contact: +91 94135-14880, WhatsApp: +610401481739. C8-57778B
  • Canada based Jat Sikh family invite alliance for their 27/5'-4", Indian born, Canadian educated daughter (Edu: Bachelor of Engineering and Bachelor of Education from a reputed Cdn. University) holding a decent job in an education board. Looking for a professionally qualified boy with a degree/s from a reputed University/College. Preference given to educated boy based in North America. Please send details at: alberta150@outlook.com C8-61111
  • US citizen Jat Sikh parents seek MD, JD, MBA Jat Sikh match from US for US citizen daughter 32 years, 5'-10" tall, Attorney working at well-known Health Law firm. Respond with biodata and recent picture at Email: doclaw13@gmail.com C8-61713
  • Jatt Sikh parents seek, Jatt Sikh Engineer/MBBS/MD alliance for their beautiful 5'-3", DoB Dec. 1990, B.S. Business Management, US Citizen daughter. Please respond with photo & educational detail info. at: ijspadda@gmail.com. C8-62836
  • Educated Jat Sikh family invites MD/MS/Professional match for tall 5'-6", fair, very beautiful, convent educated MD (Pediatrics) and fellowship in Neonatology, 1988 born, legally divorced after few months of marriage. Call/whatsapp: 9815062654. C8-62892
  • Professionally qualified Jat Sikh match from India or USA for 5'-4"/1982, Dentist, US citizen, innocently divorced girl, belongs to highly educated family. Contact with biodata and recent photos on email:- mdkb1977@gmail.com C8-62910
  • Jatt Sikh girl in Canada on work permit, Aug. 89, 5'- 6", M.Sc. M.Ed. Father Class-I and mother Professor. Brother and cousin brothers in Canada. Canadian/USA PR or well educated Indian boy preferred. Contact: 9417113518. jaspreetkhaira92@gmail.com C8-62924 
  • Suitable,well-settled match for beautiful, 89 born 5'- 4'' M.Sc., B.ed, MBA, pursuing M.Lib, holding 10 years US visa. only daughter. Father and brother senior class-1 gazzetted officer. Send biodata and photographs. Contact Mobile 7973814615. Email- gallantsikh@gmail.com C8-63170
  • Canadian PR, MA (Eng), B.Ed., Sept. 86 born, 5'-4", issueless divorcee (no children). Looking for educated well-settled boy. Pls send photo and biodata at wg9191@gmail.com C8-63228B
  • Match for working girl, 1988 born, 5'-6", MCA. In/Around Chandigarh preferred. 99155-02092. Email: jotsingh6392@gmail.com C8-63542 
  • Sukhmeet Kaur DoB 12 March 1991, Height 5'-3", Time 11.43 am. Caste Jatt-Sikh, Qualification BCA, MCA, B.Ed. Working as a teacher in school Ldh. Parents Govt. employee. Preferred well-qualified, well-settled. Govt. job. NRI. M.N. 81460-00810, 81460-00910. C8-63742
  • Jat Sikh family seeks well educated settled professional/ business match for their pilot daughter 28, 5'-9". Respond with family details & photo at Email: lotus5656@yahoo.com C8-63802
  • SQM for Canadian PR Jat Sikh girl born Dec. 1985/5'-2", B.Pharma, PG (HRM), issueless divorcee. Preference Canadian Citizen/PR Jat Sikh boy of same age group. Share biodata with pictures. Marriage bureau excuse. Email: deep.gill3691@gmail.com , Mobile: 94632-70930. C8-63872
  • Suitable match for Chandigarh based well settled divorced Jatt Sikh girl 1988 born, 5'-5", B.Sc./PGD. Contact 82645-86890. C8-63909
  • Jat Sikh family seeks qualified , well settled match for Canadian Citizen girl 1988/5'-4", BDS from India cleared USA NBDE Exams brother, sister settled abroad . father retired class I Govt Officer vegetarian family preferred . send biodata , photograph . wahegurukirpa775@gmail.com C8-64005
  • Match for Canadian PR beautiful Jat Sikh girl, 1992 born, 5'-3". Preferred Ropar/Fatehgarh Sahib / Patiala / tricity boy settled in Canada only. Contact: 79866- 17762, Whatsapp: 98556-83544. C8-64138
  • US well settled Jat Sikh parents seeking professionally qualified match for daughter, 1993/5'-4", good looking, US citizen, Accounting Graduate, working with top Accounting Firm in Virginia and pursuing CPA, looking for a person already settled in US. Please respond with biodata and photo at: 1425nc@gmail.com NA8-48141
  • Reputed, affluent family from USA seeks handsome Jatt Sikh, well settled/professionally qualified match from USA/Canada/India for their very fair beautiful and well cultured US citizen daughter 30/5'-6", working as business analyst in top US Company. Father well established businessman. Please respond with biodata/details and recent picture at: 1469waheguru@gmail.com WhatsApp: 2533354910. NA8-55061
  • Professionally qualified clean-shaven match from USA/ Canada for Canadian citizen Sikh Saini tall beautiful girl. Convent educated, computer engineering from reputed Canadian University, May 1984, 5'-8". girl holding senior position multinational company Toronto. Belonging Chandigarh based Defense Officers family. Please email details with photos at: coljeet@gmail.com C8-56257
  • Suitable match for Hindu Punjabi fmly girl, Oct. 89, 5'-3", Masters from US wkg. in NJ pref equal status US settled boy. Caste no bar. WhatsApp: +0017327899391, email: ganuriti33@gmail.com C8-61856
  • Seeking educated JS match clean shaven for extremely beautiful highly educated 40 yrs., 5'-9" plus US citien, photo must. gursevak102@gmail.com C8-62838
  • Suitable match for Canadian Permanent resident Ramdasia Sikh girl 39/5'-2", well settled, divorced with two children. Required Gentle, professional qualified. Call/Whats App 94784-88870, 62832-98437. E-mail: singhjass.79sukh@gmail.com C8-63060B
  • USA based match for beautiful fair 1984/5'-7", B.Tech. India, MS (CS) USA. Working as Software Engineer MNC, California USA, Decent package. Parjapati Sikh girl. Caste no bar. 98034-00219. C8-63670
  • Match for Canada PR Arora Sikh girl, 1990, 5'-6", MCA, PG Diploma. Preferred Canadian. E-mail: tavleendhingra@gmail.com C8-63684
  • Jat Sikh Canadian PR issueless divorcee 75 born, 5'-3", looks much younger. Looking for a suitable match preferably in Canada. Contact: 97812-12100. Email: cheenu1118@gmail.com C8-64594
  • Match for professional, US citizen, pursuing CPA, 5'- 2", born August 19, 1992, last name: Sharma but background doesn't matter please send information on p77510339@gmail.com C8-62906
  • Match for Punjabi Bhardwaj Saraswat Brahmin girl, 27/5'-4". Professionally employed in MNC. Seeking well qualified match. Father retired from Air Force. 96111- 34234. C8-62626
  • Match for Hindu Khatri slim, beautiful girl, 03.10.1993, 11:10 am, Chandigarh, 5'-4", MA Economics, pursuing B.Ed, preparing for UGC. Well settled match from tricity preferred. Mohali settled well established family. Whatsapp: 9814782258, 98554-82258. C8-62778
  • Suitable match for smart Sood girl 22.11.1985, 5'-1", B.Tech., MBA, working as Project Manager in Mohali. Educated boy preferred. 97361-14992, 0177-2670992. C8- 63280
  • Required well-settled professional match from USA/Canada for Canadian PR, beautiful, fair Ramgarhia girl 28/5'-2", BDS (India) & MHA (USA); currently doing Residency in DPH in Toronto. Very respectable family of Ludhiana. Caste no bar. Interested send particulars & photographs at: gahiramarjeet@gmail.com or Call: 98159- 64559. A8-59193-OL
  • Cleanshave match for Ramgarhia Canadian PR girl, beautiful, slim, 5'-6", Nov. 85, M.Sc. Nursing. Well educated family. 96460-12412. Send biodata and Photo. cuteashu2008@gmail.com C8-63897
  • Suitable match for a Canadian citizen beautiful Ramgarhia Sikh girl, divorced after short period, Masters Degree working as a Software Engineer in MNC company, age 27 yrs, height 5'-4". Boy should be Canadian PR or citizen with similar qualifications. Caste no bar. Contact gursharn099@gmail.com C8-64067
  • Professionally qualified match for convent educated Sikh girl with creative bend of mind, July 1988/ 5'-3", MBA/HR, pursuing Ph.D., working in a reputed hospital at Mohali (Chandigarh) as Manager/Learning & Development. WhatsApp biodata with recent photograph on 81466-42146, manpreetkaur4658@gmail.com C8-63820
  • Tall PQM issueless match upto 47 yrs. for fair complexioned charming extremely physically fit innocent divorced Chd. based Saini Sikh girl 47 (looks 32), 5'- 5", M.Com., MA (Eng.), MBA (Finance). Family of Central Govt. Officers. Send rusume/pic. WhatsApp: 99151-03072. NA8-53336
  • PQ well-settled match for very beautiful Hindu Punjabi Khatri girl 82 born, 5'-3", working with Govt. Airlines at Delhi. Issueless divorcee family Ludhiana based. Kindly contact 98882-00527, 96603-77533. NA8-54975
  • Match for Gursikh Arora/Khatri fair & slim girl, 1993, 5'-1", B.tech. NRI / tricity preferred. 75088-45376. C8-63366
  • Aggarwal fair, slim girl 1990, 5'-5", MDS, for higher study in USA Student Visa. 94171-28382. drrgjindal12@gmail.com C8-62950 
  • PQM for Canadian PR holder Ravidasia girl from reputed and well-settled family, born in April 1990, 5'-5", slim, fair and beautiful, Masters in IT and Network Security, works as Team Lead in a firm. Preference to boy already in Canada (Student, WP or PR). send biodata with pics to matrimony.profile04@gmail.com C8-63182 
  • Suitable, teetotaller match for beautiful homely vegetarian Hindu Ramdasia, M.Sc. Zoology( Hons. school), M.Ed, CTET qualified, 30-11-1984/5'-3" girl. Teacher private school. Father Retd. Centre Govt. Gazetted Officer. Contact: 9872887957. kmenu1977@gmail.com C8-63563
  • Match for 5', fair Ramdasia girl from Punjab (DoB: 26.11.1986), working at Punjab National Bank, well educated family looking for match Govt. or good private job, caste no bar. Phone: 78374-47690. C8-63748
  • SC Ramdasia Arya girl beautiful, slim Nov 89, 5'-9", M.A. (English), B.Ed., TET (HP), Radhasoami, Upper Middle, Preferred Govt job, professional Tricity, Punjab, Himachal. 97795-85349. C8-64386
  • Professionally qualified match for MD Pediatrics beautiful, fair Dhiman girl, 5'-2"/1990, currently doing Neonatology Fellowship, Tricity preferred. Phone- 098141-69004, arshpreet.d1990@gmail.com C8-64146