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Grooms Wanted

Published on: Jan 6, 2019, 6:44 AM

  • Suitable Govt./Company employed Non-drinker match near Chandigarh for B.Com, Computers, MBA Sood/Khatri Chandigarh girl, 32/5'-3". Working in Govt. Sector (Contractual). Innocently divorced. Send Kundli/Picture and details. Whatsapp 98722-85397, Email: C8-72429
  • Professionally qualified match for fair, Punjabi Khatri girl, 5'-2", 24 November 1986, 4:00 a.m., Rohtak, MBE, B.A. English (Hons), B.Ed. Teacher in private reputed school, Chandigarh. Father Retd. Bank Manager, mother Lecturer. Chandigarh based family. Whatsapp: 98760-69897. C8-72991
  • Suitable qualified Gursikh match for well educated, employed NZ citizen Kumhar Gursikh, 24 years, 5'-3", beautiful girl. Caste no bar. Reply with full details & photo. Email: C8-71544B 
  • Suitable match for Majhbi Sikh girl, 24 yrs, 5'-5", MA English. Father Class I Gazetted Officer, Pb. Govt. Preference for foreign boy. Contact: 84379-00134, Mail: . Caste no bar. C8-72349
  • Unmarried Jat Sikh girl, 35/5'-7", Graduate, Diploma Library, noble family need NRI boy. 79019-23525. A8- 67595-OL
  • Professionally qualified US citizen/green card holder match for Jat Sikh 29/5'-7", very beautiful, slim, smart girl MS Computer Engineering from USA, working in Global Fortune 100 company H1B Visa. Educated status family. A8-67710-OL
  • Jatt Sikh parents seek, Jatt Sikh Engineer/MBBS/MD alliance for their beautiful 5'-3", DoB Dec. 1990, B.S. Business Management, US Citizen daughter. Please respond with photo & educational detail info. at: C8-62836
  • Suitable qualified match for Jat-Sikh April 87, 5'-5", very fair, MBA, working Mumbai. Send complete biodata at mjmangat or contact no. 09136270433. C8-66703
  • Reputed, well off Jatt Sikh family from Punjab seeks handsome, well settled/professionally qualified match from USA/Canada/India for their very Fair, Slim, very beautiful and well cultured daughter. Oct. 90, 5'-8.5", BDS (India) , MBA Healthcare Management from USA. Father Senior Punjab Government Officer. Please respond with biodata /details and recent pics at C8-66823
  • Correspondence invited from Jat Sikh Canadian or US Doctor match for Canadian Doctor girl 27, 5'-4", second year Residency (Internal Medicine) in USA. Email: C8-67677
  • Professionally qualified match for Jat Sikh fair beautiful girl, 5'-3", Sept. 1990 born, BDS and now in the final year of MDS (Prosthodontics) to be completed in May 2019. Well-educated family. Respond with latest photograph and biodata. Email: WhatsApp +91 98100-43619. C8-68549 
  • Suitable, well-settled match for beautiful, 89 born, 5'-4", M.Sc., B.Ed, MBA, pursuing M.Lib, holding 10 years US visa, only daughter. Father and brother Senior Class-1 Gazzetted Officer. Send biodata and photographs. Contact mobile: 79738-14615, Email: C8-71532
  • Professionally qualified match for US citizen girl, Oct 1983 (looks 26), 5'-3", employed in Government Sector, convent educated from India, US Univ. Graduate. Send pictures and biodata at: C8-71540
  • Jat Sikh match 97 born, 5'-7" girl, Graduate, doing B.Ed.. Father Retd. Colonel. Defence/Doctor/NRI preferred. C8-71620
  • Jat Sikh girl in Canada on work permit, Aug. 89/5'-6", M.Sc. BioTech, M.Ed. Parents Class-I, Brother in Canada. Canadian/USA PR or well educated Indian boy preferred. 9478500036. C8- 71665
  • Affluent, Jatt Sikh parents invite alliance for 26/5'- 6", US born Doctor, slim/pretty daughter. Looking for US citizen, Jatt Sikh 27-31 yrs, Lawyer, Doctorate or MS/MBA Finance professionals only, cleanshaven boy in US. Email photo & biodata to C8- 71735
  • Suitable match for Canadian Citizen Jat Sikh slim, beautiful girl 34/5'-4". Working as LPN (Graduate). Innocently divorcee after short marriage issueless. Canada/Doaba preferred. Contact/WhatsApp: 62844-48369. C8-71763
  • Reputed well-settled Jatsikh parents from Australia seek highly qualified professional cleanshaven handsome match for their Australian born daughter Accounting Graduate 1988/5'-5", very beautiful, fair, slim, intelligent. Please respond with full biodata and recent photos to C8-71853
  • Beautiful Jatt Sikh girl 1984 born/5'-6", Lawyer in New Delhi (LLM from UK). Seeking qualified professional or settled match from Canada/UK/Europe. Please respond with photographs & complete biodata:, WhatsApp: +91 94173-77835. C8-72027
  • Chandigarh based well connected family seeking professionally qualified match for their well cultured, smart, beautiful daughter 1991/5'-5½", working in MNC (India). Email: C8-72193
  • SM Jatt Sandhu turbaned 31/5'-11", B.Tech., PGDCA, M.Tech., Asstt. Prof. in Pvt. College. Father retd. Govt. service, younger brother Software Engineer in Australia, Tarn Taran, Asr. 96461-19121. C8-72557B 
  • Jat Gursikh girl, 1987, 5'-9", Indian born, educated, working Canada. Wanted suitable Gursikh turbaned boy. 98727-20072. C8-72881B
  • Canadian based, reputed Jat Sikh parents seeks match for their Canadian citizen daughter. Beautiful, fair, 5'-7' tall, 28 years, convent educated and Management Graduate from Canada, having perfect blend of modern and traditional values. Working as Bank Manager in Canada. Boy should be handsome, professionally qualified and belonging to a respectable Jat Sikh family. Apply with full bio-data with photograph and contact number. Email: or Whatsapp 778-939-9393. C8-73011
  • New Zealand citizen 29/5'-8", Jatt Sikh beautiful girl, B.Sc. Nursing and Post-Grad Diploma, Govt. job ready for Masters. Looking for urban/rural property educated boy. WhatsApp pics and biodata. 82643-09764. NA8-62370
  • Reputed, affluent family from USA. Seeks handsome Jatt Sikh, well settled/professionally qualified match from USA/Canada/India for their very fair beautiful and well cultured US citizen daughter 30/5'-6", working as Business Analyst in top US Company. Father well established businessman. Please respond with biodata/details recent picture at, WhatsApp - 2533354910. NA8- 62494
  • Seeking professionally qualified clean shaved match for Saini girl, 5'-6", 1985, B.Tech (ECE) MS (HR) from UK, working in MNC at Hyderabad. Upper caste no bar. Chandigarh settled family. 8283814549, C8-72073
  • Suitable match for Saini Sikh fair girl 1991 born, 5'- 4", working as Software Engineer on work permit in Canada family based from District Mohali. Contact: 94173-62850, WhatsApp: 98552-41069. NA8-61674
  • US Citizen Jat Sikh parents invite alliance for their daughter beautiful, slim, 32 yrs, 5'-3", Dentist doing Residency, born and brought up in USA. Looking for handsome Jat Sikh clean shaven Doctor/Dentist/Engineer. Respond with biodata/details with recent photograph. Email: C8-70800
  • US Citizen Jat Sikh parents seek well qualified Jat Sikh tall, handsome clean shaven groom for pretty daughter, 5'-4", 30 yrs, under grad. in Psychology USA Citizen. Respond with biodata/details with latest photo. Email: C8-70802
  • USA based match for beautiful 1984/5'-7", B.Tech. India, MS (CS) USA. Working as Software Engineer California USA, Parjapat Sikh girl. Presently in India. Decent package. No bar. 98034-00219, 94648-36857. C8- 71663
  • Required tall, decent, well educated match for Canadian PR girl, 1988 born, 5'-6". B.Sc. Nursing from CMC Ludhiana with experience from PGI Chandigarh. Mother Jatt Sikh, Father Christian. Jatt Sikh families from India/Canada preferred. Caste no bar. Girl currently in India. 98157-56574, 98886-93822. C8-71779
  • Suitable match for Canada PR Brahmin Sikh beautiful girl June 1992 born, 5'-5" tall settled in Brampton. Canadian Business Management HR diploma holder. Girl presently in India. Boy settled in Canada from good family preferred. Upper caste /Jatt Sikh no bar. Apply with biodata and latest pics of boy @ WhatsApp 98140- 54131, C8-71867
  • Professionally qualified match for Canadian PR, Khatri Sikh, September 1985, 5'-4", M.Tech., Intelligent, Smart, Homely girl. Employed in a permanent role. Brother Canadian Citizen. Clean-shaven also welcome. Send full bio-data & snaps to: C8- 72121
  • Required USA citizen or green card or Canadian PR holder medico/Engineer/ Dentist match for 90 born 5'- 1", beautiful, Saraswat Brahmin MBBS girl. Master degree (epidemiology) in USA. Contact 94172-45381, 98762-98226. C8-72201
  • Our daughter is 5'-7", 13.6.91, slim, build she has Bachelor's Degree in English Honors from Delhi University and Masters Degree in Management from Q.U.T. Brisbane. We belong to reputed Punjabi family from Ludhiana. Well settled Australian citizen (Cutsurd only) is preferred. 98140-72987, 98141-00599. C8-72891
  • Match for Canadian PR Jatt Sikh divorced girl 33/5'-6", have two children, seek educated from decent family boy send biodata/pics at C8-72905
  • SM4 Canadian PR Ramdasia Sikh beautiful girl 5'-4", July 86, Bachelor Degree of Physiotherapy from India. Presently based and working (qualified job) in Brampton. Mother, father retired Gazetted Officers. Siblings settled abroad. Tall, well-educated, cleanshaven boys living in Canada preferred. Upper caste no bar. Phone: +9198728-33658. Email: C8-72941
  • PQ USA citizen for 1981 born, 5'-6", Dentist Boston girl working in USA on H1B Green Card applied. Contact: 98880-01263, email: C8-73051
  • Match for good looking nai girl, BE ( Computer Science), 26/ 5'-4", Working Multinational Company, Gurgaon. Punjabi boy posted at Gurgaon preferred. Upper cast no bar. Mobile 98144-88787. C8-71717
  • Suitable match for beautiful Rajput girl 27/5'-3½", BCA, B.Ed. Chandigarh settled family. Two brothers settled Canada. NRI boy preferred. Contact 62838-79457. C8-72977
  • Pure vegetarian, teetotaller Brahmin match for Brahmin girl 5'-4", 10.12.1990, Amritsar, M.Com., UGC-NET, working as Assistant Professor (adhoc). Parents Govt. employees. Preferred Govt. employee, 94173-82200, WhatsApp 94171-94571. A8-66796-OL
  • Suitable handsome professional US/Canada match for extremely beautiful fair slim Punjabi Brahmin (Modgil Gotra) girl, 10.9.89, 6:09 pm, 5'-9", Trained Montessori Teacher in AARDEE School at Gurugram, B.Sc. Biology, earning 40,000/- pm. Father serving Senior Air Force Officer having urban properties in Delhi, Patiala. Upper caste no bar. Mobile: 8447897779, 98114- 29349, C8-71945
  • Seeking well settled, educated tall match for Ramgarhia Sikh (Bhamra / Mehtail) beautiful girl, 29.05.1987, 5'- 7", Fashion Designing, MA (Sociology, Punjabi), NTT, teacher in reputed school at Mohali. Brother settled in Australia. Father retd. Mohali settled educated & status family. Whatsapp/Call: +61466617277, +91-94178- 90939. C8-71743B
  • Professionally qualified employed teetotaller vegetarian match for Ramgarhia beautiful Sikh girl, 5'- 7", August 1991, B.Tech., MBA, Centre Govt. service in Delhi. Family at Tricity Chandigarh. Father and younger brother Class 'A' Officer in Punjab Govt. Contact: 94173-79100. C8-72239
  • Doctor match for Sikh Khatri Sodhi Doctor MBBS, MD girl 1988 born, 5'-7", US Citizen. 98158-91848. C8-71536
  • Match for Garg, slim, smart girl, 5'-3", 11.10.1990, 3:34pm, Ludhiana, Manglik, M.Com., B.Ed. Regular Govt. service, residing Panchkula. Whatsapp: 94648-36026, e- mail: C8-72863
  • Suitable match for Aggarwal Beautiful girl, 35/5'-2", Doctor Management Consultant working Teamleader with American based Company, salary six figure per month, caste no bar. Contact C8- 72945
  • Suitable match for Kamboj 1991 born, 5'-2". Captain Military Nursing Services (Army). Preference Defence personnel. Contact: 94788-00471. C8-72259B
  • Suitable match for Ravidasia girl, July 1991, 5'-2", working as Scale I Officer in Nationalised Bank. Preferred Govt. employee or well settled boy from Tricity/Doaba. Contact/Whats App: 98766-08485. C8-71965
  • Match for Ramgarhia Doctor Sikh girl, Sept. 1986, 5'- 2½", MBBS, Diploma Anastheasia, Working at Reputed Hospital tricity. 94655-15226. C8-72807
  • Dentico/Medico/Officer/business/PQM 4 MDS Khatri girl, Oct. 1982/5'-3", Conv. Edu. established family. Em: , 98153-00137. C8-72943