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Railway touts

MP’s bitter experience turns spotlight on menace

IIT-Ropar excels

But a long way for our varsities to be knowledge hub

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Stiff penalty must stay

Gadkari defensive as BJP-ruled states reduce fines

Opposition targeted in AP

Govt tramples on ex-CM Naidu’s right to protest

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Arrest and abrogation, 66 years apart

Arrest and abrogation, 66 years apart

by Rajesh Ramachandran

Seen as steps to integrate J&K, no two events could be more dissimilar

Clear the air over Netaji Bose’s ashes

Clear the air over Netaji Bose’s ashes

by Lt Gen Prakash Chand Katoch (Retd)

Japan’s Renkoji Temple, where the ashes are interred, has a bust of Netaji — an honour reserved for high priests. Sugata Bose, grand-nephew of Netaji, disagrees with findings of the 1999 Mukherjee Commission that failed to establish what happened to Netaji after the plane crash.

‘Square pegs, round holes’ situation in arrests

‘Square pegs, round holes’ situation in arrests

by Vikash Narain Rai

An arrest should ideally serve the cause of society; otherwise it would only be a wasteful effort. Done objectively, the FIR is so productive a document as to steer the investigation till the very end. Those are the challenges that are often compromised and condoned.

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Need to shun policing by suppression

by Navdeep Asija

The first 63 clauses of the new Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act aim to usher in reforms primarily in the road safety and transport sectors. But instead of improvement, the new law might widen the police-public gap because of the challenges faced by the traffic police across the country.

Acquittal in Pehlu case a travesty of justice

by Sankar Sen

The Pehlu Khan murder brings to light how the basic job of police investigation gets compromised due to baleful political influence. The police top brass has to take a resolute stand against extraneous influence in police work. Also, the malefactors must learn that political nexus will not save them if they fall foul of the law.

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Roll of dice in the face of fire

Roll of dice in the face of fire

OUR artillery had opened up in the neighbouring sector and enemy retaliation on our post was imminent. We took shelter in the bunkers prepared by drilling into the rock-solid ice at the Siberian temperatures of the Siachen Glacier.

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If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future. — Winston Churchill

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