Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Prosecuting a former CM

Politics and perception muddy the waters

‘Threat’ from an artiste

AAP govt does well to ensure TM Krishna concert keeps date

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Salve for wounds of ’84

Justice delayed is better than no justice

Crop insurance under a cloud

Need to readjust premium to favour farmers

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India meets big boys at RCEP

India meets big boys at RCEP

by Jayshree Sengupta

A lot will depend on India's ability to get over the sticking points and get a better deal

Short-circuiting states in power reforms

Short-circuiting states in power reforms

by Bhupinder Singh and Malkit Singh

Taking away the profit-making side to benefit private players shall have adverse consequences, especially the weaker sections. Punjab alone shall have an additional subsidy burden of Rs 1,600 crore, besides its present subsidy bill of Rs 8,949 crore.

Bandwagoning at Bomdila

Bandwagoning at Bomdila

by Major Akshat Upadhyay

The Chief of Army Staff has already announced that the soldiers, if found guilty, would be punished. Do I hear a similar announcement from the state police or the IPS ‘association’ about their officials?

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About Sikh valour, not British imperialism

by Jaspal Sidhu

It is understandable that some Sikhs remain sceptical of Britain’s intentions, especially when it remains largely unapologetic of her colonial past, but there is nothing to be gained from defacing memorials and confusing the liberal internationalism of the 21st century with the imperialism of the 19th century.

CBI needs a law to avoid messy situations

by Sankar SenComment, last 7 days...
Bliss within easy reach, go for it

Bliss within easy reach, go for it

by Amrinder Bajaj

Bliss is having a mirchi ka pakora — carry-home leftovers after a morning party at a yoga centre — with adrak ki chai on the terrace and sharing it with my Lhasa Apso.

Thought for the day

An army of principles can penetrate where an army of soldiers cannot. — Thomas Paine

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