Friday, May 24, 2019

Shunned, stunned

It’s back to the drawing board for the Opposition

Punjab bucks trend

Big gain for Congress as BJP sweeps neighbourhood

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Sops to shun paddy

Make alternative crops attractive

Don’t undermine poll process

All parties should uphold sanctity of exercise

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Bharat votes India out

Bharat votes India out

by Rajesh Ramachandran

BJP succeeds in blending Hindutva slogans seamlessly with muscular nationalism

BJP keeps intact fortress in Hindi heartland

BJP keeps intact fortress in Hindi heartland

by Radhika Ramaseshan

Uttar Pradesh displayed enough indications in the 2019 elections that it wants to snap out of the ‘mai-baap’ culture, the politics of patronage that the Congress had perfected. The BJP stepped in to fill the breach caused by benign feudalism.

To stay in the reckoning, Rahul has a lot to do

To stay in the reckoning, Rahul has a lot to do

by Rasheed Kidwai

Rahul should give a clarion call to various breakaway groups to unite with the parent organisation. A test of sincerity would be offering all high offices of the party and readiness to make sacrifices. Such a gesture may not find ready takers but it would showcase Rahul as someone who is genuinely committed to the cause and ready to pay a cost.

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Services’ penchant for ‘utopian’ materiel

by Rahul Bedi

The April 2012 Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence reveals that as many as 41 of the Army’s tenders for diverse equipment in previous years had been withdrawn or terminated due to ‘implausible’ qualitative requirements.

Polarising polls impact local development

by M Rajivlochan

The belief that after the election results are out, life goes back to normal and everyone lives in fraternity has been belied far too many times. If the victor does not polarise, then the losers do. They persist in accusing the victor of being partial to supporters.

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Ode to a summer songstress

Ode to a summer songstress

IT is a scorching May afternoon. As I watch from my perch at the window, the streets empty out as denizens of the city retreat into the cool confines of their houses for a much-needed siesta. Even the patchy stray dog in the corner has limped its slow wavering way to a shady spot under the sparse hedge.

Thought for the day

You cannot speak on behalf of a nation when you have no mandate to do so. — Jean-Marie Le Pen