Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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No extension of ceasefire

A missed opportunity for the Valley

The deadlock in Delhi

AAP’s last turn of the dice

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Urban nightmares

Owners of illegal buildings need to hurt

Gauri Lankesh murder case

Strange reticence to name puppeteers

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Amid odds, the subaltern speaks

Amid odds, the subaltern speaks

by Amitabh Mattoo

In the turmoil-ridden Valley, trailblazers are a beacon of hope

Trump’s ‘stunning’ statement on Korea

Trump’s ‘stunning’ statement on Korea

by Vappala Balachandran

The Trump- Kim summit is reminiscent of Anwar Sadat’s ‘Electric Shock Diplomacy’ when he visited Jerusalem in November, 1977, which ended in the Camp David Accord, with no preparatory work by their diplomats.

Male should repair its ties with Delhi

Male should repair its ties with Delhi

by K Natwar Singh

The temptation by the Maldives to play China against India is nothing but total ignorance of the complexities of diplomacy. The return of Indian helicopters and denying visas to Indian workers display immaturity.

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Rise of postcolonial thuggery

by Shelley Walia

The ‘shadowy’ nature of Britain’s financial sector is reducing it to a pirate’s haven

The knotty affair of NRI grooms

by Reicha Tanwar

The bottomline remains that the parents of girls looking for matrimonial alliances in foreign lands need to take extra precautions to verify the boy’s credentials. Technology could be of help in this regard.

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A home called ‘Chandanwari’

A home called ‘Chandanwari’

by Rana Preet Gill

I spent most of my childhood in a rented house on a busy street.

Thought for the day

Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams. — SA Sachs

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