Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Mayawati’s mixed signals

With or without BSP, mahagathbandhan must look inclusive

Battered airlines...

Deteriorating finances often affect safety aspects

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Death of a soldier

Mutilating peace overtures

Temple and triple talaq

Shifting the agenda from economics to polarisation

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Banking too much on merger

Banking too much on merger

by Subir Roy

The move will not rid the system of the huge pileup of bad loans

Spoils system overlooks farm ailments

Spoils system overlooks farm ailments

by Ranjit Powar

Though 75 per cent of Punjab’s development blocks have been declared “dark’’, the political-bureaucratic nexus ignores the deepening agrarian and socio-economic crises because most are beneficiaries from rice mills, grain procurement commission agencies, transport agencies & private storage godowns.

Address patriarchy as public health concern

Address patriarchy as public health concern

by Rashmi Kalia

Only when we resist gender discrimination in all its manifestations can we expect to control violence against women, in its varied forms. Unless we employ all forms of socialisation like the family, mass media and popular media to promote gender equality, it is unlikely that a social transformation will ever take place that will dismantle patriarchy in our society.

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National registry should assess implant outcome

by Dr Ravi Gupta

Many Western countries have their dedicated hip joint registries at the national level where all patients are registered after surgery. Due to this close monitoring, some countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom, had reported inferior outcomes in terms of early failures on an average of 7-8 years in comparison to 15 years for standard hip implants.

Live up to mandate of the Constitution

by MG DevasahayamComment, last 7 days...
A crash course in some lessons

A crash course in some lessons

by Col HP Singh (retd)

Piloting my aircraft on that bright sunny day was pleasurable.

Thought for the day

If a bank is too big to fail, it is too big to exist. — Bernie Sanders

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Lahore, Sunday, September 22, 1918

Origin of the Montagu-Chelmsford Report.

England or Utopia?