Friday, May 26, 2017

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Celebration of ugliness becoming national pastime

FIPB goes

Not enough reforms happening

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The Indo-Pak video war

An unending season of threats and bombs

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Revolution, three years later

Revolution, three years later

by Harish Khare

The State is back with a loud bang

Three years on, Modi’s K-policy still to unravel

Three years on, Modi’s K-policy still to unravel

by Arun Joshi

The hope of a turnaround in Kashmir after Narendra Modi became the PM with a huge mandate is ebbing. After three years in office, Modi has little time left for course-correction. Islamic radicalisation and resistance have converged, undermining the huge mandate of the BJP.

A signal that the Army means business?

A signal that the Army means business?

by Lt Gen Raj Kadyan (retd)

The award of Commendation Card by the Army Chief to Major Leetul Gogoi has strirred a hornet’s nest. Those looking at rule-book correctness of the means employed need to remember that the rules are framed for normal circumstances. Irregular situations demand bending of those rules.

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A political role for ‘Thalaiva’ Rajinikanth?

by Santosh Kumar

Speculation is mounting about Rajinikanth's grand entry into Tamil politics, so far the domain of Dravidian parties. Questions are being raised as to the relevance of the superstar's role in the space left vacant by the untimely demise of J Jayalalithaa.

‘Naxalbari’: Fifty years later

by Pritam Singh

Today, May 25, will commemorate 50 years of the Maoist uprising of Naxalbari in West Bengal. In March, 1967, a decision was taken in Naxalbari to carry out an armed rebellion for the rights of peasants and workers. This isolated revolt led to a movement that has lasted half a century.

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Lost & quickly regained

Lost & quickly regained

by Sahil Khurmi

LAST summer, after finishing my LLB degree, I felt fire in my belly to shed my weight by 10 kg and achieve the milestone of 75 kg — appropriate for a 6-ft frame.

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Her time in the sun

by Bhartendu Sood

Memories of a young martyr

by Ranjana MalikMusings, last 7 days...

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Revolution isn’t smashing something, it is bringing forth something. — Joseph Campbell

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