Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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  • SpectrumWarming up to 
winter games

    Warming up to winter games

    The battery of my phone has died five times since this morning. I’ve never spoken so much on the phone,” says Roshan Thakur. He sounds tired but the joy and excitement coursing through his veins do not let him stop.

  • Going strong on a downhill track

    He is a six-time Olympian. India’s only regular representative at six Winter Games. Yet, in a country bereft of global sporting heroes, he occupies our mind space only once every four years. Shiva Keshavan, the luger, is once again set for a journey he has traversed all by himself since 1997.

  • The dawn of spring

    There was a time when Kashmir was green and beautiful. There was a time when tall pine trees, gushing streams, splendid houseboats and films stars romancing on shikaras made up for strokes on Kashmir’s canvas.

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