Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Showing a path

BJP allows its ‘margdarshak’ to be eclipsed

Cash-for-marks scam

A blot on MDU as students caught chasing paper

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Who bombed the train?

Samjhauta Express case goes up in smoke

No more death traps

Cover all borewells, save kids

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Tipu as Imran’s hero

Tipu as Imran’s hero

by M Rajivlochan

Pak PM refers to Sultan as the ruler they must emulate, but should they?

Afghan stability vital for India

Afghan stability vital for India

by Lt-Gen Sanjiv Langer (retd)

India must recalibrate its approach, to enable a firmer and enduring outreach, to the populace, as also the institutions of Afghanistan. The Afghan National Army and National Police, who are in the forefront, despite all odds, need a more robust support. Legitimate Afghan national aspirations must be supported far more energetically.

Biopics in poll time are proxy promotions

Biopics in poll time are proxy promotions

by Salil Desai

Irrespective of what the filmmakers may say, given the timing and context, one can't help but suspect that the films are poorly disguised hagiographies being made with the express purpose of influencing the electorate.

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Theatre of absurd alliances

by Rajesh Ramachandran

A national election demands a pact based on an ideological goal, not convenience

When Bhagat Singh sought legal aid

by Chaman Lal

On March 23, 1931, Bhagat Singh, along with his associates Sukhdev and Rajguru, was hanged to death for the assassination of British police officer John Saunders. Produced here is the letter written by Bhagat Singh and his comrades on May 8, 1930, to the tribunal, seeking to avail themselves of legal help in the Lahore Conspiracy case. The Punjab Archives, Lahore, has made it public.

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Taverns for the fanatics

Taverns for the fanatics

We are currently in the grip of a heightened jingoistic and fanatic fervour in the aftermath of the Balakot airstrike. Ironically, Balakot is a place where historically forces of a zealot were vanquished by those of a secular ruler.

Thought for the day

We can’t all be heroes. Someone must sit on the pavement and clap as they go by. — Will Rogers

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