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Playing with life

Himachal Pradesh has only itself to blame

Not quite made in heaven

Inter-caste marriages a tough proposition

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Unlearnt lesson from Kargil

Unlearnt lesson from Kargil

by Pravin Sawhney

We are as ill-prepared now as we were in 1999

Why savings rate of consumers is declining

Why savings rate of consumers is declining

by Jayshree Sengupta

People are spending on things that are not translating into demand for goods. India has one of the highest ‘out-of-pocket’ medical expenditures in the world. In overcrowded and dirty public hospitals, the main treatment may come free of cost, but the patient has to buy a lot of extra stuff for the treatment.

Violence around inter-caste marriages

Violence around inter-caste marriages

by Prem Chowdhry

The realisation that violence around marriages of choice is a human rights violation requiring attention from the state has taken a long time to gain recognition in India. Human rights activists and other progressive groups have provided legal, physical and emotional support to the women’s fight in their right to choose their life partners.

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The lead-up to the Radcliffe award

by RK Kaushik

The Muslim League made the unreasonable demand of virtually the whole of Punjab to be included in Pakistan as it was a Muslim-majority state. However, it later pruned it to 24 districts of pre-Partition Punjab, leaving the five districts of Ambala Division — Ambala, Karnal, Rohtak, Hisar and Gurgaon — for India.

Decoding the anatomy of mob lynching

by GS Bajpai

The Uttar Pradesh draft bill on mob lynching looks weak in many respects, although it contains some preventive provisions as well. While Parliament is also contemplating to have a comprehensive law on this issue, lynching instances continue to rise.

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The cry of the mountains

The cry of the mountains

I have mixed feelings of nostalgia and provocation as I drive up the hills. Last time I travelled on the Shimla-Chandigarh freeway, the experience was appalling owing to the state of the supposed road widening that I had resolved I would not return to the hills until its completion.

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Anyone who has ever looked into the glazed eyes of a dying soldier will think hard before starting a war. — Otto von Bismarck

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