Monday, December 18, 2017

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  • Counting of votes begins for Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh Assembly elections.

Debit card subsidy

Robbing Peter to pay Paul

Salami-slicing MCI

Is the ‘regulatory capture’ truly over?

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Potion or poison

IMF’s demonetisation dilemma

Equality for none

Net neutrality takes a blow in US

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Cockiness alone won’t do

Cockiness alone won’t do

by Sandeep Dikshit

India’s growing military muscle leaves neighbours unimpressed

Navy’s red letter day

Navy’s red letter day

by Cmdre Mukund Kunte (retd)
Boxed-in at the border

Boxed-in at the border

by Pravin Sawhney

With the permanent presence of Chinese guards on the disputed territory in Bhutan, threat to India increases manifold; but dialogue, not skirmish, is the only way out.

A bunch of kids needed in old age homes

by Shappi Khorsandi

Keeping the very old and very young apart is no fun. It's taken us a long time to see it. Rules don't change when we get old.

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Salim Yusuf’s advice on diet

by Samir Malhotra

Refuting old guidelines, Dr Salim Yusuf’s study of dietary habits — PURE — shows that there is no association of fat or carbohydrate or fruit/vegetable intake with heart disease.

Jerusalem — and the region — fractured

by Shelley Walia

Trump has not only upended the peace process in West Asia in one blow, but also provoked the wrath of many stakeholders, thereby compromising the very stability of the region and undermining his closest allies.

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Their wedding, my joy

Their wedding, my joy

by Nonika Singh

LIKE many presumptuous Indians, my husband too doesn’t care much about celebs and their personal private lives. So as the world is in a tizzy over Virushka wedding, he can’t quite fathom what the fuss is all about.

Thought for the day

A false sense of security is the only kind there is. — Michael Meade

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