Monday, March 19, 2018

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Congress Plenary Session

Joint front for 2019 in the making

US under Trump

Trade wars lap Indian shores

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Unjust industry demand

An excuse to keep PNB scam-gate open

Pak recalls envoy

India’s broader role demands dialogue

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Russia at the crossroads

Russia at the crossroads

by MK Bhadrakumar

Putin — a ‘villain’ abroad, ‘hero’ at home

Let AAP turmoil be ‘creative destruction’

Let AAP turmoil be ‘creative destruction’

by Pritam Singh

The imminent downfall of AAP can be converted into a process of the creation of a new Punjab-based regional party by uniting activists who are not together at the moment but exist in all parties.

M’rashtra farmers show way to Punjab

M’rashtra farmers show way to Punjab

by Jaskaran Singh Gill

Farmers and agriculture labourers must get organised to secure minimum income for themselves and not merely remunerative support prices.

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Sikh studies get boost in UK varsity

by Sujinder Singh Sangha

The launch of the Centre for Sikh and Punjabi Studies at the University of Wolverhampton is significant because it takes Punjabi studies into the mainstream of higher education in the UK.

State Sponsors of Terrorism

by Lt-Gen Bhopinder Singh (retd)

The dimensions and dynamics of the term 'State Sponsors of Terrorism' has an exclusive US perspective, as opposed to an unbiased global outlook.

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A poor mother’s majboori

A poor mother’s majboori

by Navneet Kaur Karwal

With a block of bricks on her head and a crying infant tied to her back in a tattered shawl, she was continuously going to and fro, loading and unloading bricks at the construction site of our new house.

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Put on those dancing shoes

by Ratna Raman

Bowled at 99, but not out

by Col Mahesh Chadha (retd)Musings, last 7 days...

Thought for the day

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. — Nelson Mandela

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